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Lot# Owner Price Contact Date listed Lot Type
26,27 Mr.&Mrs.Camp $10,675 678-602-0003 <30days lake front
36 Legion $2,000 770-783-9097 under contract lake front
49 Legion $2,000 770-783-9097 >30days lake front
51 Al Scott $1800 470-774-6121 >30days lake front
65 Legion $2,000 770-783-9097 >30days lake front
A4 Legion $1,500 770-783-9097 under contract inland
A6 Legion $1,500 770-783-9097 under contract inland
A11 Legion $1,500 770-783-9097 under contract inland
A12 Legion $1,500 770-783-9097 under contract inland

Leases good until July 2051.

$250 yearly maintenance fee.

Must be a member of Post 70 to lease.

If lease is posted less than 30 days priority is as follows: Legion member, Ladies Aux, SAL. 


4-20-19 Attention Legion Lake lot holders. From May 17th through May 19th the lake committee will be reviewing lake lots to ensure lots are being kept up and tidy per the lease agreement. Please have your lots in order by May 17th to avoid a violation of your lease. Also, if you have not received a certified letter from the American Legion concerning your lake lot then your address of record may not be current. Please come by the Post home and update your contact information.